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Massage Therapy

Deep tissue massage therapy is a health treatment that works the muscles and connective tissue found below the surface of the top muscles, this is why it is called “deep” tissue massage.

Chronic pain or tense muscles are usually the result of adhesions in the tendons, muscles and ligaments. These are bands of rigid tissue, usually painful, which block circulation and cause the pain, limited movement and inflammation. Deep tissue massage breaks down the adhesions, and ultimately relieving the patient of pain and muscle tension.

Soft tissue massage therapy is a health treatment that addresses aches, pains and injuries suffered by the soft tissues in the body, like tendons, ligaments and muscles.

A wide variety of medical conditions can be healed with soft tissue massage therapy treatment. It can also enhance muscle performance, your circulatory system, joints and you’re of course your immune system.

Welcome to our new member of our team! Kathleen Willis RMT, CNP

Graduating from the Ontario College of Health & Technology in 2010, Kathleen brings

12 years of experience to the table specializing in deep tissue & prenatal massage techniques. Her vast range of skill & adaptability addressing the unique goals & concerns of her clients rounds out her kind, focused work ethic. Both as a Registered Massage Therapist & Certified Nutritional Practitioner, Kathleen is passionate about providing her clients with natural & holistic approaches to health rehabilitation & maintenance.

She specializes from deep tissue, injury healing to prenatal massage and Thai massage. 

 Kathleen graduated from the institute of Holistic Nutrition in April 2018 with first class honors. She has a great deal of passion and enthusiasm to optimal health and nutrition. 

She specializes in prenatal, digestive issues and infant nutrition.

Adding to her experience, she completed her Iridology certification in June 2018 and Bioenergetic medicine in April 2019 to get the best assessment and customized plan for her clients.

Heal, live, be well.